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White Horse
Oil on MDF
19 inches w x 26 inches h

Little Horse (framed)
Oil on MDF
11 inches w x 13.5 inches h

Jimmy (framed)
Oil on MDF
11 inches w x 12 inches h


Little Dog (framed)
Oil on MDF
17 inches w x 23 inches h


Big Dog
Oil on Canvas
42 inches w x 42 inches h


Oil on Canvas
48 inches w x 60 inches h


Seated Figure
Oil on MDF
17 inches w x 18 inches h


Louisa Portrait
Oil on Masonite
12 inches w x 14 inches h



Top Hat
Oil on Masonite
32 inches w x 32 inches h


Wave Painting 1
Acrylic on Canvas
60 inches w x 48 inches h


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